What Sources Are Driving Purchase Decisions

The end goal of nearly all brands and profit-based organizations is to increase revenue. One of the keys is to effectively and efficiently deliver your message. It’s not just what your say or how you say it, it also where your say it that can make a huge impact. Knowing the online sources that consumers are looking towards can help you be more effective and efficient.

Make the right decision_11955127● 54% of consumers think they will be using social media more in the future when it comes to deciding what they are going to buy
● 52% think that user reviews will be more important going forward, and just over half think they will be relying more on online advertising
● 46% think that expert reviews will play a larger role in how they make purchase decisions
● 44% believe that brand web sites are going to be more important in the buying process

What This Means To You

With such a large percentage of consumers believing that social media will play a role in how they decide what to buy, your social reputation is paramount.
It’s time to do a social audit of your brand.
People will check social media before making a purchase. Would you buy from a company that has negative information posted about it?
When was the last time you looked at your businesses Facebook page?
Are their negative comments on it?
Whether the comments are true or not, ignoring them will only exacerbate the negative connotation. All the consumer will see is that not only does your business have problems; you don’t care enough to fix them. Your need to create tactics for how to deal with negative information – ignoring them is not a tactic. By having tactics in place, you eliminate much of the risk of taking those comments personally and flaming back at those leaving not so positive posts. One of the last things you ever want to do is get into a public war of words with a customer. These tactics should also include what to do with positive online praise. When people say good things about your business, it’s golden. If your don’t use it, there is a good chance you are ignoring an opportunity to generate more sales and new customers. For more information on social media strategies that will help grow your business, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Center for Media Research; Nielsen; InPowered Media Lab


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