Experts Deliver During Purchase Process

Whose opinion matters most to you when deciding what to buy or choosing between products?
There has been research that shows that online consumer reviews were very important.  Other data chronicled the fact that posts from online friends and peers are the most trusted.  Now, Nielsen has just released a thorough study comparing what gives the biggest lift during the buying cycle – User reviews, branded content or expert content.
While reviews are important and consumers trust the judgments of online friends, content from experts delivers the biggest boost during the decision making process.

icon_expert_coul-279x200● For purchase consideration, content for experts delivers a boost of 11%.
That’s 83% higher than user reviews and 38% more than branded content54% of consumers think they will be using social media more in the future when it comes to deciding what they are going to buy
● For affinity and likeability, expert content creates a 12% lift.
That’s 20% higher than user reviews and 50% higher than branded content
● For brand familiarity, expert content brings an increase of 15%
That’s 50% higher than user reviews and nearly 90% than branded content

What This Means To You

What is considered expert content?
Articles and reviews from third-party websites and blogs that are dedicated to relevant categories.
It all may come down to the type of product people are gathering information on. When choosing what movie to see or where to eat, the opinions of your friends probably matter more than what a critic might have to say. People in a peer group often are similar and you’d think that if they like or don’t like something – you would have the same experience.
When it comes to other things such as buying a car, an appliance, medical procedure or legal situation, things usually operate a little differently. Consumers may listen to what friends have to say, but they most likely look to the opinion of an expert ( But for some reason, social media is brimming with people giving medical advice).
It’s a good idea to spend some time looking for expert reviews and articles on the products you market.
When you find some positive ones, get permission to republish them or to create links.   Also look for the opportunity to get reviewed by local or regional media outlets and organizations. These types of endorsements can be golden. Respected members of the community can have the same effect.
Remember, positive information about your business or the products you sell doesn’t mean anything if you don’t promote it. Growing your business and gaining a competitive advantage isn’t always easy, it takes work.
For more information on how to better engage and target potential customers, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Center for Media Research; Nielsen; InPowered Media Lab


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