Reviews Import for Local Businesses

Our last couple of posts have centered on the types of content that help consumers make buying decisions and the role of expert opinions. A new report is out that centers on how important online reviews are to consumers when choosing a local business. Small businesses don’t have the resources that major regional or nation competitors have. They need to take advantage of every opportunity to stay competitive with these bigger name brands. Online reviews are one of the things that can help small and medium businesses set themselves apart from the crowd.
onlinereview33● Nearly 90% of consumers say they read online reviews to determine the quality of
local businesses
● Close to 40% regularly will read a review, which is up six percentage points in the
past year.
● 25% of consumers will read 2 to 3 reviews. One-third will 4-6 reviews and 18% will read 7 to 10 reviews of local businesses
● Overall, 85% of consumers read up to 10 reviews before visiting a local business

What This Means To You

The good news is that consumers are doing their homework before going shopping. These reviews can give you a competitive advantage against bigger competitors and other small local companies.
What are you doing to cultivate these reviews?
Many businesses are using surveys as a way of gauging customer satisfaction. These can also be used to generate reviews on your site or on other local review sites such as yelp. At the end of the survey, provide a link to create review to post on your site or other local review aggregators.
Positive reviews are like a virtual endorsement. If you have good ones, promote them on your site and through your social media. You need to give people a reason to come to your establishment over one of your competitors, positive reviews can be that reason.
No one ever wants to hear negative things about their company. Just like no ever wants to hear that their baby is ugly. But, speaking honestly, there are some ugly babies out there.
How often do you use secret shoppers or customers to spot check how your business is operating?
This isn’t a game of gotcha with your employees, it’s an opportunity to improve the way your business runs and the satisfaction of your customers. It also gives you the chance to highlight employees who are doing a great job, not just find teachable moments with employees who need coaching up.
Doing this work should holistically help you get better online reviews and more new customers. For more information on how to use digital tools to grow your business, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: BrightLocal


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