Online Reviews Affect Opinion

Last week, we posted information on consumer’s use of online reviews. Today, we’ll look into how online reviews the impact the consumer’s impression of businesses. New research shows that just how reviews can affect the way potential shoppers feel about your organization.

customer-online-reviews● Over 70% of consumers say that positive reviews instill trust in a business
● The number of consumers who feel this way have increased by 14 percentage points in the past 2 years
● Overall, 90% of consumers notice online reviews
● Nearly 90% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
● 32% put more trust in companies with multiple positive reviews

What This Means To You

The line between online recommendations and virtual ones are becoming blurred.  While personal recommendations may fade, change or be affected by time, online reviews are there forever. That can be both good and bad. It means that a positive review is something that can continue to help generate new customers for years to come. It also means that a bad review won’t go away by on their own and could be a danger sign to potential patrons for a long time. But the difference between bad personal recommendations and bad online reviews is the fact that you can find and mitigate most bad online reviews and promote good ones. When most people just say bad things about your business, you never really find out what they are saying, if it just patently false or something you can fix to make your business better. A bad online review gives your organization a teachable moment. Negative reviews are something that you should not ignore. Don’t get defensive. If it is a customer service issue, respond to the review by apologizing for the offending act, let the reviewer know that plans have put in place to fix the problems and invite them to patronize your business again. But you can’t act on pure lip service. If a customer has the same problem twice, you can bet the review will much worse the second time and you have no chance at getting them to shop with you again.
If it is something operational with your business, look at it as a chance to make improvements. Maybe they have caught on to something that has been costing you business for a while.
Remember to a customer perception is reality. Good perceptions can build your business and a negative one will cost you potential sales. For more information on how to grow your business and increase loyalty, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: BrightLocal


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