Who Influences Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers remain an incredibly powerful segment of consumers. This group is in a period of transition and the disruptions they are facing means that what they spend their money on and the sources that influence them are likely to see great change. New research report is out that looks into what sources Baby Boomers trust for product research before making a purchase.

baby-boomer-magnet● Seven in 10 Baby Boomers put their trust in the opinions of friends and family
● 56% rely on consumer web sites and publications
● 16% are influenced by social media content
● 14% trust blog postings

What This Means To You

Most consumers do not rely on one source of information before making a purchase. In fact, there are multiple factors that go into the opinions of those who we trust for information. It’s important to look at influence as a holistic sense. This is especially true when looking at friends and family as a source of information. Who influenced them in a way that they either have a positive or negative opinion about a product or service? This is just one of the reasons you need to have a strategy when it comes to your marketing efforts and they have to work together. Conflicting messages can lead to confused influencers. It’s also important to have a diffused method of marketing. Using just one platform or media type will not give you the audience you need to compete in a very fractured marketplace. It will also not give you the buzz to stay top of mind
with influencers. For more information on keeping your brand top of mind, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: eMarketer; Marketing Strategies International

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