Retail Expands In-Store Mobile

Mobile has changed the way consumers discover, research and purchase products in virtually every business segment. While consumers continue to
rely on mobile for more and more functions, many retail organizations have
not fully taken advantage of everything mobile has to offer. New research is available that shows how many retail organizations are deploying mobile }
tactics in their locations

iBeacon-signal● 60% of businesses are going use tablets to enhance customer experience
●54% plan to use mobile for in-store inventory location
● 48% are going to use ereceipts and 47% are going to use mobile for point of sale transactions
● 46% are going to use mobile apps as sales tools
● 42% are going to employ alternative payment options such as paypal or
google wallet
● Four in ten will be using mobile for associate to associate communication
● 20% will be using NFC (near field communication) tactics
● 14% plan on introducing iBeacons or Blue-Tooth notifiers in-store

What This Means To You

Your customers are moving in a mobile-first direction. Is your business?
Most companies are including mobile in their messaging strategies and keep it top of mind when developing campaigns and offers, but what about the in-store experience?
Outfitting your associates with mobile can improve customer satisfaction and efficiency.   The easier you make it for your customers to find and purchase items, the more likely they are to make you a preferred destination.
Think about something as simple as an ereceipt.
How many customers keep their receipts? An ereceipt lets them have a record of the transaction without having to keep a piece of paper. It also gives you a messaging avenue to the customer.
By giving your associates the ability to check inventory on a mobile device, they can help customers find an item vs. them wandering around your location. If they are looking for a product you don’t carry, your associate has the ability to suggest a replacement. For products that are not in stock, you can refer them to another location or off to ship it to them, thus saving them from making a trip to your competitor. Don’t think of mobile as something that draws customers away from your brick and mortar location, think of it as a way to improve and enhance your customers experience in your store. For more information on how mobile can create more sales opportunities for your business, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: eMarketer; The Etailing Group


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