Email is Tops for Retention

Email was one of the very first digital frontiers that marketers planted their flag on. Even though it’s more mature than most other digital platforms, it’s also still one of the most potent. New research is out where marketers rank digital formats for retention purposes and email came in first.

shutterstock_73640263● Over 85% of digital marketers use email marketing on a regular basis
● 56% ranked it as the most effective platform for platform for customer retention
● 37% said social networks were most effective
● Nearly one in three consider content marketing the best for retention purposes and over 25% said referral marketing was best
● More than 10% of digital markers said that Search Engine Optimization and display ads (respectively) were the most effective retention tool.
● Other retention tactics that were mentioned were Mobile ads, digital video, affiliate marketing and paid search

What This Means To You

How many people do you know that do not have an email account?
How many times a day do you check your email?
Think about it, email has become part of our lives.
Email, when used correctly can be a powerful tool. When used incorrectly, email can be costly to your reputation.
Here are just a few tips that can make your email campaigns much more successful.
Make them mobile: Email has become a mobile-first function. 72% of people check email on a mobile device. The majority of consumers open email on a mobile device before opening it on a desktop or laptop. Email gives you’re the ability to message your consumers while they are shopping and gives you immediacy. They have the offer on a device that is rarely more than an arm’s length away and mobile makes it easy to share. Make sure your email offers are visible on mobile devices and can be easily read.
Make them valuable: When you create any offer , think of it from the consumers point of view.
Would this offer motivate you to buy a certain product or shop at a particular store?
Is this offer worth sharing with a friend?
If the answer is no, then it’s time to work on a new offer. It costs you money, time and effort to send out email campaigns. Sending out a bad offer is a waste
of all three.
Make them targeted: If you have a CRM system, make sure it is connected to your email campaigns. Knowing what your customers purchase gives you an advantage. Delivering them an offer one products they buy will help create return business and can lead to a loyal customer.
Make sure they are wanted: Don’t Spam. Don’t ever Spam. Don’t farm emails from social media and don’t hijack them from other campaigns A good rule of thumb is to never send an email offer to anyone who doesn’t expect to receive one. This may not be part of the canned spam law, but consumers don’t think of spam in a legal sense. They think of it in common sense.
If they don’t remember signing up for emails and get them,
they could consider it spam.
If they said it’s ok to get messages from a partner of yours and don’t know who those partners are, they could consider it spam.
If you send them offer form products they don’t consider relevant,
they could consider it spam.
If you send them too many emails, they could consider it spam.
You want to avoid the reputation as a spammer. Consumers will probably not unsubscribe from your communication but will just stop opening it.
That means you’re paying for messages that they will never see. Email can
help you build a long lasting relationship with customers and be a huge
sharing tool. For more information on how you can better target your
message, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Gigaom; Extome;


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