Consumers OK With Push Notifications

There is a new phrase that is rapidly rising through the marketing lexicon – The Internet of Things. Connected devices have been around for a while, but new, more integrated, connectables & wearables continue to enter the market
and devices are doing much than before. This Internet of things can give you numerous ways to promote promotes, develop brands and drive traffic but
it all starts with consumers, their mobile device and the willingness to accept push notifications.

I-am-Push● Over 70% of consumers are open to getting push notifications on their smart
● Only 27% will never allow a
● 31% said they usually allow notifications and 42% say they sometimes allow them, but it depends on the app
● 76% of Millennials have activated push notifications on their smart phones
● Push notifications have a 50% higher open rate than email and click rates are twice as high

What This Means To You

Push notifications can keep your audience engaged with your brand.
90% of consumers delete apps soon after downloading them.
Just 16% of people will keep an app after more than 2 uses.
If done correctly, push notifications can help keep apps on users smart phones and your brand top of mind. The key, like most things, is to make sure the push notifications are valuable.
If you are going to notify consumers of an offer, make sure it’s worth their time to open it.
Relevancy and action-ability go a long way to instill value.
Can you your push notification save the user time, money or add to convenience?
Also, don’t be pushy with your push notifications. Less is more when it comes to communication some people feel can get intrusive.
Push notifications are the first step in leveraging the “Internet of Things”. The sooner you can get your customers used to getting and acting upon your push notification, the quicker you will benefit from the next wave of mobile engagement. For more information on positioning your business for future growth, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: MediaPost; MCommerce Daily;WPP; Rysponsis


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