Why Some Consumers Say No To Push Notifications

Yesterday, we posted information on how consumers are becoming more accepting of push notifications. Roughly 30% said they would never accept push notifications. Understanding why consumers disable push notifications can help you create a better messaging strategy.

geofencing2● 34% of consumers said they already get not many notifications
● 22% believe the notifications they already get are not helpful
● 16% indicated that the notifications came at inconvenient times
● 14% think that the noises push notifications generate are too similar to text/sms messages
● Another 14% said that push notifications are too hard to turn off once allowed

What This Means To You
Value – plain and simple. One of the things I learned many years ago when I worked in radio was that there is a big difference between playing the same some over and over again and playing someone’s favorite song over and over. If consumers want something, if they like what you are delivering, if they find it useful, their threshold is much higher. But the question is, how much is too much and what do they consider valuable?
While there is a good deal of research on frequency of commercial email, not much has been done on the push notifications front. A good place to start is simply by asking app users and loyalty program members what kinds of deals they find beneficial and how often would they be willing to accept messages from you. Multiple choice answers will probably work best , but give them the option to leave comments. This could be a great place to either get good testimonials or gain information that could help improve your processes. Ask them how they feel about geographic targeting and ads based on prior purchases. This information can be beneficial for use today and as you look into using beacons in the future. For more information on creating effective campaigns, please contact:

Al Fiala

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