The Connectivity That Consumers Want

Over the past couple of posts we’ve looked into why consumer want push notifications, the benefits your business can get from them and some of the reasons consumers may be apprehensive towards enabling them. Push notifications are part of the next wave of mobile engagement. This added connectivity or “Internet of Things” is bound to create even more reliance
on mobile devices and gives you even bigger opportunities to create
more customers.

● CurrenSH-158_1-BIG internet of thingstly 15% of consumers own at least one connected device
● 47% of consumers are interested in owning a connected device
● Nearly 40% of consumers are most excited about increased connectivity between them and their vehicles
● 34% heavily anticipate connectivity to smart home appliances
● Over 20% look forward to more connectivity to heart monitors and fitness devices
● 20% are also looking forward to enhanced monitoring devices for their children and their four legged family members
● Just under 20% want connected toys and personal drone technology
● Other connected things consumers want are glasses, clothes and sports equipment

What This Means To You

Added connectivity to devices gives you a direct connection between what is happening with consumers lives and your goods and services.
The combination of a connected car and beacon technology can notify a user that their vehicle is in need of repair or service and a beacon with your message can inform a consumer about an offer you have directly related to the service they need.  Smart appliances can not only notify you if there is a problem that needs to be fixed or give you remote access to those appliances. It can also be paired with a message reminding them that they need anything from light bulbs to AC filters. If you are a healthcare provider, health product brand, pharmaceutical company or fitness related organization, the connectivity between people and devices can be more than a marketing opportunity – it can be a live saving event.
“The Internet of Things” is going to change the way you look at messaging tactics just like mobile did.
The quicker you develop strategies for added connectivity, the better positioned you will be to take advantage of it when consumers get connected en masse. For more information on how you can create more engagement with prospective customers, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: SOASTA; AYTM; eMarketer


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