Pet Peeves of Online Shoppers

In the US, there are over 190 million digital shoppers. Ecommerce represents roughly 15% of total retail sales. While digital shopping offers a bevy of conveniences there are some things that drive online shoppers’ nuts. A new report is out that looks into the biggest pet peeves of those buy online.

shutterstock_50695516● Far and away the biggest gripe among online shoppers is shipping costs – 68% named it as a pet peeve
● Nearly 40% said getting merchandise that looks completely different than it
did online
● Roughly 15% responded that they wound up on a retailers mailing list when they didn’t want to be, and having to order the same item in two sizes because they weren’t sure if the item would fit
● Just under 15% get upset about the long period of time that the exchange or return processes take
● 10% of shoppers did not like the fact that online shopping took business from local retailers
● Another 10% said that the missed the gratification that they get from shopping in a store, loss of signal during the shopping process was also cited by 10% of consumers

What This Means To You

While we still may be in the dog days of summer, it’s never to early to start planning for the winter holiday season. It was less than a decade ago that the winter holidays showed retailers how powerful ecommerce could be. Three years ago the winter holidays gave a glimpse what the impact of mobile would be. We’ve all gotten busier and streamlining your online and mobile shopping functions can give you a leg up on the competition.
Free shipping has always been a major influencer in where people shop online. While it may be difficult to offer free shipping, you may want to investigate it. If it doesn’t make sense, look at the possibility of reduced shipping costs after consumers spend a target amount. This could encourage them to spend more on your site.
Better pictures can help make sure that consumers are not disappointed
in the items they buy and sizing guides can help shoppers decide how things
will fit them
You can’t do much about where your physical location might be (if you even have one), but partnering with a charity could help overcome the hurdle that some consumers see as taking something away from the local community.
If consumers run into these pet peeves, they are likely not to finish the transaction or shop on your site again. They are also likely to tell their friends about the problems they had. One a negative persona has emerged, they are hard to overcome.
The biggest thing you can do is promote the things that set you apart. The online space is more crowded than in the past and there are more platforms than ever before. Take every advantage to tell your story. For more information on how to successfully brand your business and create traffic, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Harris Interactive; eMarketer


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