Email: Do You Know When to Send?

Recently, we posted information on how important email can be for customer retention efforts. When developing email campaigns, lots of time and thought go into the offer, how it displays and your list. These are very important and have a real bearing on whether your campaign delivers for you. The one component that companies often don’t think about at all is when to send email campaigns. Sending customers an email when they are more prone to open them can give your email campaign a boost.

email-marketing● Thursday has the highest send rate for email. Nearly 20% of commercial emails are sent on Thursdays.
Wednesday and Thursday are tied for number two at 18%
● Saturday and Sunday have the lowest send rate at 7%
● Saturday has the highest unique open rate at 18.3%
● Tuesday ranks second at 17.9% and Sunday is third at 17.5%
● Emails sent on Saturday and Sunday have the highest transaction rate at .09%
● Saturday has the highest average order delivery as well. The average order for an email opened on Saturday is $201. Tuesday is number two at $193

What This Means To You

Think of the world we live in; we are a 24 hour a day, fully connected society. Email is rapidly becoming a mobile first function. The majority of emails are opened on a mobile device before they are opened on a desktop. No longer do people have to be in their office or at work to access email.
By constricting yourself to only a five day window for promoting your goods and services limits the amount of business you can do. Even if your business is closed on the weekends, promoting yourself on weekends puts your message in the hands of customers while they are planning for the week. It also puts your communication in a smaller pool where it doesn’t have to compete with as many other messages for attention. The fact that Saturday has the highest open rate and highest revenue potential speaks for itself. Being successful means taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. Think of the weekend as one of those opportunities. For more information on gaining a competitive advantage, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: TrackMaven; Experian Marketing Services; eMarketer


One response to “Email: Do You Know When to Send?

  1. There’s definately a lot to learn about this topic.
    I really like all of the points you have made.

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