What Time is The Right Time for Email?

Yesterday, we posted information about what days of the week perform best for email campaigns. Today, we’ll explore the time of day generates the highest results. Pairing this information with what was explained in yesterday’s post can help make your email campaigns much more efficient.

timeofday-email● Email sent from 8am-12 noon had the highest average order at $192
● Emails that were sent between 8pm and midnight had the highest unique open rate (22.7%)
● Items sent between 8pm and midnight also had the highest unique click rate and transaction rate
● Email sent between 4am-8am had the lowest unique open rate (16.8%)
● Transaction rates were lowest between 4am-8am

What This Means To You

The first step in getting consumers to act on your email offers is getting them to open them. The highest open rates happen from 8pm to midnight. This may a function of second screening. Recent research puts second screen activity at nearly 70%. Email is one of the functions that ranks high in second screening. Pairing a TV buy with email can help you reinforce your message. Because TV Think delivers the product recognition that most brand’s needs, email can give you a direction or targeted boost. Email also makes your message sharable. For more information on making your campaigns as effective and efficient as possible, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Experian Marketing Services; eMarketer


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