Top Mobile Activities

Consumers are living in a mobile first world. More than one adults sleep with their smart phone. Nearly 75% of adults said the first thing they do in the morning is check their phones. Your customer’s dependence on mobile devices gives you many opportunities to engage them. Knowing what mobile activities they use most can help you device the most effective messaging tactics to your organization.
shutterstock_86181751● Text messaging is the top smart phone activity, 86% of smart phone owners send and receive text/SMS messages
● Just over 80% use their smartphone to check email
● Nearly two-thirds use their smart phones for social networking
● Roughly 60% use GPS functions, pre-installed apps and games
● More than half use their smart phones for search functions, google maps and to listen to music
● Just under check their calendar on their phone or use it to get news and information
● 27% use chat or instant message services and 25% access Internet/VOIP services and check finances
● Approximately one in five users access paid apps, use voice recognition services (ex. Siri) or cloud services
● Other mobile tasks consumers use are organizer functions, reading books, watching movies and listening to podcasts

What This Means To You

Just 1% of consumers use their smart phone for only making calls. Mobile devices really are true personal connection devices.
What are you doing to have these consumer’s connect with you?
Text / SMS messaging and email can be an important piece of any loyalty program. But the message you send must have value and be relevant. The more targeted your message, the more relevant consumers will find them.
Weather apps aren’t just for people selling umbrellas. Unless your customer base lives in San Diego or Honolulu (ie: a place where the weather generally never changes), weather can have a big impact on prospective customers lives. Weather apps can give you a great audience for almost any product you are trying to market.
Like email, social media has become a mobile first function. Consumers aren’t just checking to see what their friends are up to, they are looking at the social presences of businesses they might shop at, what their friends and online peers may say about those businesses and expert reviews of companies.
This is one of the reasons a sound reputation management plan is important.
Mobile search is also very important. Mobile search leads to results for local businesses.
If you don’t have a robust search strategy, you could be giving business to a competitor.
These are just a few ways that mobile functionality can improve your businesses bottom line.   But as quickly as mobile has consolidated functions from many devices into just one (or two), changes are coming. The “internet of things” and connected devices are going to create even more uses for mobile devices. For more information on how you can better prepare your business for the next wave in mobile innovation, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Citrix; Motorola; B2X Care Solutions


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