Is Visiting Your Web Site A Good Experience?

They say first impressions are everything.
If that’s true, what does your website say about your organization?
Is it a site that consumers would return to?
A new study is out that details what consumers think is important to a
great web experience.  The success of your site might not depend on
your and services alone.

stop watch1● Over three quarters of consumers surveyed said the most important thing in a great web site experience was the performance of the site (loading time / buffering)
● Nearly 70% think fresh and updated content is a priority
● Just under half believe it’s a consistent feel between use on a mobile or desktop machine
● 30% said that personalized content is key
● Nearly 40% of consumers will click away if a site takes more than 3 to 5 second to load
● 41% will exit if the site takes over 5 seconds
● 30% will go to a competitor if your site is slow
● Half of consumers say they either a mobile device to access the internet most of the time. 85% say they use a mobile device at least some of the time
● Almost 40% did not want web sites to remember them from a previous visit

What This Means To You

Most consumers will visit a business’s site before they decide to shop there.
That being said, when was the last time you took a critical look at your site?
Have you compared it to your competitors?
Does it have the functionality it needs?
Are you making excuses for your web site?
Consumers will base their purchase decisions on your site. You might be the absolute best in the world at what you do, but if your web site doesn’t perform chances are consumers will not shop with you. Typos, clutter and broken links tell consumers that you don’t care.
Performance issues can be the kiss of death.  We have to face that we are a society of ADD consumers.  Just 3 seconds of load time can decide whether someone spends money with you or goes to the competition.
Consumers want the same performance on mobile devices as well. Over 40% of adults surveyed said they expected sites to be equally as fast whether they are viewed on mobile or desktop. Considering that 85% go online via mobile at
least some of the time, monitoring performance on your mobile device is extremely important.
You also need to give them a reason to comeback, if your content is out of date or is stale, don’t expect to keep customers returning more than a couple of times to your site.
Think of your website as your virtual storefront. If it’s not inviting or the merchandise is old and dusty, do you think people will shop there repeatedly? For more information on how to engage consumers and build a loyal customer base, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Limelight Networks; Center for Media Research


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