What Happens After They See Your Mobile Ad?

Last week, we posted information on the mobile channels where consumers most often notice advertising messages. Overall, eight in 10 people noticed ads on their mobile device. Today, we’ll look at what happens after consumers see these mobile ads.

shutterstock_83579713● 35% will download an app
● Nearly 30% will visit the advertiser’s site, 16% go to that site to look for specific information about the advertised product
● 15% locate the business on a map
● 14% buy something via their mobile device
● 11% call the advertiser

What This Means To You

Don’t look at the 15% making an immediate purchase as a reflection of poor mobile performance. Consider the fact that there are very few categories that are not utilizing mobile – 15% conversion is pretty good. Look at mobile is a tremendous engagement tool. Apps are a great way to build a relationship and are an avenue towards loyal customer activity. The fact that 30% will visit a site is an even better characteristic because it shows true consumer interest.
The 15% that use a map show a very strong link between mobile and shopping consideration.
How many consumers do you think will look for a location on a map if they didn’t think of visiting
that business?
There are a few things that can help bridge the gap between mobile and sales.
Design and performance are key: Before you even start a mobile campaign, make sure your site displays well on a mobile device.
Do all the elements show up?
Is the site cluttered?
Can users navigate the site intuitively?
How long does it take to load?
Poor performance and confusing navigation are the kiss of death.
Consumers will not only click out, they will most likely not come back.
Make it easy from them to find you: With so many consumers mapping businesses after they see a mobile ad, doesn’t it make sense to help them skip the step? Add navigation tools on your site to help get them from where they are to where you are located. In fact, it’s a good idea to incentivize the trip with a special off on the mapping page.
Click to Contact: We all know that driving and using a mobile device is not the safest thing to do. By adding click to call functionality will help keep consumers eyes on the road instead of the digital keypad. Mobile is all about convenience. The more convenient you site is to use, the more likely they will be engage with it. For more information on ways to make your mobile tactics work more effectively, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: eMarketer; inMobi; Decision Fuel


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