The Effect of Mobile Advertising

The mobile revolution has caused radical changes to the way consumers discover, research and buy goods and services. Think about how things have changed in just the past 5 years.
We’ve recently put up several specifically about mobile advertising –from where consumers see it to what they do after engaging with it. Today, we’ll look at how consumers’ mobile advertising has affected them.

shutterstock_68927947-2● 33% think mobile ads have helped them find a nearby product
● Just over 30% say mobile advertising has introduced them to new products or saved them money
● 16% believe that they have influenced an in-store purchase
● 13% think that mobile ads are relevant to who they are and what they do
● Over 10% say mobile ads have influenced them to make a mobile purchase

What This Means To You

Mobile devices are more than just communication devices, the functionality smart phones
and tablets deliver has elevated them to be part of the fabric of consumers’ lives.
A recent study showed that 45% of consumers would give up alcohol before their
smart phone, 34% would give up chocolate and 13% would give up sex.
Since these devices are so important to your customers, mobile should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.
Think beyond ads, think of how consumers use their devices. Look for opportunities for engagement. Apps are a great way to keep your brand in front of consumers through targeted means.
Games are activity that is becoming more and more popular on mobile devices; these are also opportunities to investigate. SMS/Text and email are more than just avenues to connect with mobile consumers, they allow users to spread your message for you (and do it with more credibility than you can generate). Social can do the same. As the “Internet of Things” and connectivity of everyday products becomes more mainstream , mobile devices will gain added importance in people’s lives. Consumers consider mobile devices a tool to help them get through their day – you should think
of them as a tool to develop loyalty and new customers. For more information on how to leverage, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: eMarketer; inMobi; Decision Fuel


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