Reasons Why Your Mobile Ad May Not Be Working

When was the last time you left the house without your smart phone, what was your immediate reaction? Most people turn right around and get it.
Mobile devices, to many people, have become indispensable parts of their lives. Last week we posted information on the effect of mobile advertising on consumers. Consumers have become mobile first and many advertisers are realizing the importance of mobile. Today, we’ll look at some of the reasons your mobile campaigns may not be performing.

shutterstock_111684566● The number one reason smart phone owners did not click on a particular mobile ad was because the offer did not interest them (47% of consumers surveyed)
● Nearly 40% did not click because the ad was not relevant to them
● 21% did not even loom at the ad
● 15% said they got the information they needed without having to click on the ad
● Under 10% did not want to leave the internet search they were performing or the ad did not have a telephone number

What This Means To You

Nearly 70% of smartphone owners report encountering mobile ads, 43% said they had clicked on one. Mobile advertising is one of the big growth points for digital universe, but many advertisers are missing the reasons why so many consumers rely on their mobile devices. Smart phones and tablets make consumers’ lives more personally convenient. While advertisers can craft the message to market the convenience, they are missing the mark on the personal side of things. Targeting, or the lack there of, is what the problem is. Big Data gives your business the opportunity to deliver messages and offers that consumers can personally relate to. The simple act of pairing your CRM system to a SMS/Text campaign can take a simple offer and amplify its importance because you are now marketing a product that they would likely be interested in because of past purchase behavior. When placing mobile buys, don’t just look at the simple cost, look at the cost per thousand of your target audience. Advertising that is inexpensive because it doesn’t reach your most likely customer is a bad investment.
Before you place any advertising campaign, ask yourself two questions
Who is my target audience?
What are my actionable goals for this campaign?
Look for advertising partners who can best connect your message to your target audience and help you reach the goals of your campaign. For more information on how to make sure your mobile messages deliver and perform,please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: eMarketer; Survey Sampling International; Nielsen


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