Mobile is the Preferred Customer Platform

Mobile device users rely heavily on their smart phones and tablets. Recent surveys have shown how important consumers think these devices are.
Fairly large percentages of people would give up sex or chocolate for their
mobile devices.
Mobile should be anything but an afterthought. So many functions that were once reserved for the PC have become mobile-first. This drive for convenient functionality is also shown in the rapid growth of mobile-only consumers.
So the question is, where does mobile rank as a platform with your business?
If you don’t consider it that important, recent reports may help you re-prioritize how you think of mobile.

Mobile-shopping-525x600● 50% of time spent online is done on a mobile device
● Nearly half of consumers consider mobile devices their most important resource in the buying cycle
● Over a third of consumers who have shopped on a mobile device are mobile exclusive
● Over half of consumers now start their purchase research on a mobile device
● Only one in five mobile shoppers know exactly what product they are looking for when they start to research

What This Means To You

Mobile is imperative for success today and will become even more important in the future. It’s clear how much consumers depend on their devices. As we move into the next wave of mobile, that level of importance could grow incrementally. Connectables & wearables, beacons, NCF and the Internet of Things are going to forge even stronger bonds between mobile users and their devices.
Mobile changed the way consumers discovered, researched and shopped for items. This next wave of mobile functionality will help brick and mortar locations engage consumers like never before.
Some actions to start considering
• Talk to your developers and make sure that your apps are ready for beacon / Bluetooth LE.
• Add Push Notifications to your messaging strategy
• Investigate the implementation of mobile POS payment

This is just the beginning. Mobile consumer made its first big impact
during holiday shopping about 5 years ago.
Guess what is right around the corner again?
For more information on preparing your business to compete in the fully connected business, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: xAd; Telemetrics


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