What are Mobile Shoppers Looking For?

In yesterday’s post, we delved into the growing importance of mobile and some of the mobile innovations that are on the horizon. Today, we’ll look at what mobile consumers are looking for and how you can help create deeper connections with them.

mobile-shopping-iphone-feature● Pricing and location information makes up roughly 60% of all mobile shopping research
● 49% of consumers say they use their mobile devices to find deals
● Over half of consumers are looking for businesses within 5 miles of their location
● 53% of mobile shoppers called the business they were interested in

What This Means To You

One of the big reasons why mobile has taken off with consumers is the convenience these devices offer. The ways they make saving money more convenient is a big driver of mobile adoption.
Yesterday, we mentioned beacons and app Push Notifications.
The combination of these two things can help bring consumers into your store and help them save money. The first step for you is to get consumers to accept push notifications from your app/apps. Consumers don’t mind push notifications, as long as the messaging is valuable.
Way to encourage push notification acceptance is can range from adding it your loyalty program, contesting and in-store POS discounting. The other component is an app. If you don’t have one, talk to your developed about a cost effective app solution. If you have an app, consult with them about adding push notifications and proximity marketing capabilities. For more information on creating more impactful connections with your customers, please contact:

Al Fiala
Sources: xAd; Telemetrics


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