Are Consumers Making In-App Purchases?

The age of the mobile-first consumer is here. Over the past four years, mobile technology has forever changed the way consumers discover, research, purchase and recommend products.
Apps are one of the most popular mobile platforms. On average, consumer has nearly 30 different apps on their smart phone. But are they making purchases in these different apps?

free-shopping-apps• One in three consumers use retail apps on a weekly basis
• Less than 20% of retail apps provide in-app purchase
• 54% of mobile users said they were not interested in the ability to make in-app purchases
• 20% were interested in the ability to make in app purchases
• 4% of mobile users have make in-app purchases on a daily basis and 7% make those purchases on a weekly basis
• Under 10% have made in-app purchases on a monthly basis

What Does This Mean To You?

Consumers love their apps. Nearly 90% of mobile media time is spent through apps.  While nearly 55% of consumers said they are not interested in make in-app purchases, which will most likely change. Look at it this way – less than four years ago, there was research showing that consumers were not likely to use their mobile devices to go online or shop via mobile device.
Then mobile shopping exploded during the holiday season three years ago.
Does this mean that consumers will soon flock to making purchases in-app?
Maybe, Maybe not. But with so many consumers, spending so much time on apps, it’s a good bet that in-app purchasing could be on the rise. The other factor that could influence in-app purchasing is beacons and disruptive notifications. Beacon technology and the “internet of things” is bound to be the next wave of mobile engagement. Look for beacons to become much more common this holiday shopping season. For more information on how to maximize your mobile offerings, please call:

Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; 451 Research; Forrester Consulting; L2 Think Thank


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