Are You Mobile-ly Ready For The Winter Holidays?

We are just a couple of weeks away from the “official” start of the Winter Holiday Shopping Season. Because many retailers have started their Holiday campaigns before Halloween and because Thanksgiving falls late on the calendar this year, it’s estimated that nearly 30% of shoppers have already started shopping for the Winter Holidays. Digital shopping through both mobile and desktop/laptop devices is expected to increase again this year. The better your mobile/digital strategy, the merrier your season will be.

mobile-shopping● Mobile is expected to account for 31% of Thanksgiving sales –
that equals over $418 million
● Mobile shopping on Thanksgiving is anticipated to increase by
21% over last year
● Mobile will also account for 21% of Black Friday shopping – a total of $644 million
● Mobile Black Friday shopping is predicted to increase by 20%-30%
● Mobile shopping on Cyber Monday is forecast to account for 20% of total online sales – that’s roughly $520 million

What This Means To You
Why have mobile devices become such an integral part of our lives? One of the obvious answers is of convenience and value. While everyone wants to save money, more people want to save time and that’s what mobile devices can do. Mobile shopping on Thanksgiving gives consumers the ability to spend time with families and take advantage of sales…all from the comfort of the couch while watching football in a semi-turkey coma. Mobile also allows consumers to multi-task while shopping in store. Holiday shopping is a tradition, but not everyone is into mall crowds. In fact, new research has come out that shows
65% of consumers consider holiday mall shopping as one of their worst nightmares. Mobile shopping can help you increase your share of shoppers, gain earlier Holiday sales and create an efficient revenue pathway – but it all depends on your strategy.
Are you offering your Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving?
Are you incentivizing shoppers to visit your stores on
Thanksgiving Day?

How are you marketing your holiday online offerings?
Do you offer in-store WI-FI?
Are you using beacon technology?
For more information on taking full advantage of mobile shopping,
please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Mobile Commerce Daily, Adobe; Accent


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