How To Increase the Likelihood of In-Store Sales During the Holidays

Recently, we’ve posted several pieces on holiday shopping and how you can leverage consumer behaviors. We’ve looked at when people will be shopping, to where they will be shopping, to how much influence technology will have. In today’s post, we’re going to look a recent study that points out features that increase the probability of consumers making an in-store purchases.

woman-holiday-dress-holding-money● Knowledgeable sales associates increase in-store purchase potential by 48%
● Self-Service or mobile checkout can create a 24% in sales probability
● Barcode scanners to confirm price and will increase potential sales by 23%
● Personalized mobile coupons create a 21% increase in purchase potential
● Personalized coupons available through social media can create a 17% lift

What This Means To You

While some people love going to the stores during the holidays, others not so much. In fact, a recent study showed that a large percentage of people consider going to the mall during the holidays their worst nightmare. Even shoppers who can’t wait to hit the stores during the holidays will probably like some added convenience. All of the things that have been shown to increase potential sales are things that make shopping more convenient. On average shoppers hit 4.6 different venues during holiday shopping trips. When you save these customers time and stress, you become a preferred shopping destination.
Your biggest asset to increase potential sales is your employees. Helpful associates make it easier for customers to find the items they need. Rewarding associates for helpful behavior will pay dividends well past the holidays. While self-service checkout and barcode stations could call for capital expenses, a mobile and social coupons campaign can be efficiently deployed.
The key to a successful campaign is the personalization. A truly personalized campaign goes beyond just using their name. It leverages past buying behavior to create relevant offers.
Don’t look at the holidays as the end of the year, view them as a pathway to create long term shoppers. For more information on how to you can create more sales today and loyal customers tomorrow, please contact:

Sources: Deloitte


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