To Shop or Not On Thanksgiving, That is the Question

Last week, we posted information on how much mobile shopping will take place for the couch on Thanksgiving Day. Every year, more retailers are moving from just being a virtual destination on Thanksgiving Day to being a physical one. New research has become available that shows consumers are split on hitting brick and mortar stores on Thanksgiving Day.

tgiving● Half of all consumers surveyed are against shopping in-store on Thanksgiving Day
● 33% think it’s OK to hit stores on Thanksgiving and 17% were undecided
● In 2012, research showed that only 10%-15% were open to physically shop on Thanksgiving
● Older consumers are the most opposed to shopping on Thanksgiving. Just 16% think it’s appropriate to go brick and mortar shopping on Thanksgiving.
● Younger Millenials are Thanksgiving day shopping’s biggest proponent. Half of adults age 18-24 would shop on Thanksgiving Day. 48% of adults 25-34 agree with them
● Men are more open to shopping on Thanksgiving than Women. 37% of men like the idea of shopping on Thanksgiving Day while only 29% of women do.

What This Means To You

The idea of opening on Thanksgiving Day is a decision that only a business owner can make. While there is a growing market for in-store shopping on Thanksgiving, there are some mitigating factors . There can be some consumer backlash and staffing could be an issue.
Some businesses that have made the choice to open on Thanksgiving have decided to give a portion of profits to charity. You may need to provide a bonus or additional compensation to get people to work on Thanksgiving. If you decide to open on Thanksgiving, you may want to come up with a strategy for equitable distribution of holiday time-off.
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Sources: LoyaltyOne


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