It’s Summer Vacation Season

People all over the country are packing up the old Queen Family Truckster and hitting the open road. Over 80% of travelers are using mobile functionality to make their trips smoother. While mobile technology has been a huge help to travelers, it would make a movie like Vacation pretty boring. Clark would most likely have seen that Wally World was closed and they would’ve gone to Hawaii. He also could have found an all-night mortuary for Aunt Edna instead of leaving her on Normy’s porch.
map smartphoneHere are the most popular ways that travelers are using mobile technology while on the holiday road:
● 45% are using Map apps
● 18% are using Travel Recommendation apps
● 17% are using Airline apps
● 13% are using Hotel apps
● 9% are checking into their hotel via mobile and other 9% are using
Translation apps

What This Means To You
While restaurants, attractions, lodging businesses and other traditional hospitality companies are not the only people who benefit from travelers. Medical, auto service and retail organizations are just a few types of businesses that could use mobile visibility among travelers. While most people plan where they are going to stay and what they are going to do, they will need to find local businesses when the unforeseen appears. It doesn’t always have to be an emergency; it could be something simple as trying to find a movie theatre on a rainy day. Because travelers may not be familiar with the local area, you need to maximize you social reputation. Consumers are very reliant on the opinions of others and digital testimonials, likes and favorites could swing visitors to your business versus a competitor. For more information on how to maximize your footprint with new revenue streams, please contact:

Sources: eMarketer; HarrisInteractive


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