Who Are Mobile Dependent Consumers?

Yesterday, we posted information on the amount of mobile only consumers. Since 2010, the number of consumers who have ditched their landlines and gone mobile only has increased by nearly 70%. For many consumers, being mobile only means that their mobile device is the main way they go online. As technology continues to shift, this group of consumers is sure to grow

shutterstock_68927947-2● Nearly 20% of smart phone owners said that mobile device is either their only broadband internet connection or they had very few other internet options
● Younger adults are more likely to only have broadband their smart phone. 20% of adults from age 18-29 said that the only high speed connection they have is through their smart phone. 11% of adults 30-49 responded the same way
● African-American and Hispanic consumers are much more likely to only have high speed internet through a mobile device. 21% of African Americans and 17% of Hispanics said that their smart phone was their only broadband connection
● Lower Income consumers are more likely to be smart phone dependent for broadband internet. 19% of adults with household incomes of under $30,000 use their smart phone for high speed internet connections

What Does This Mean To You?

If your web presences are not currently built in responsive design, you need to contact your designer and have them add this functionality. The smart phone dependent audience is growing rapidly. Today’s consumers are not patient when it comes to sites not rendering correctly on their devices. Recent studies have shown that over 70% of consumers will immediately leave a site that render correctly on their device. Those users are not likely to return.
When designing your site, think mobile first and screen size. Navigation is also important. Do consumers intuitively know where to go next on your site? Cluttered sites with no direction make it hard for consumers to find the information they need or the products they want to buy. Consumers don’t want hunt and search, they will most likely move on to a competitor.
Periodically, it’s a good idea to audit your offerings vs. your competitors. Be open minded and look for things they are doing better than you. The main goal of your site is to make you money. That could come from eCommerce on your site, or through the visibility your site offers. So the easier your make it for consumers to find you, or items to buy, the better you are. For more information on how to create more impact and your footprint, please contact:


Sources: eMarketer, GfK MRI; Pew Research Center


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