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Multi-platform Moms

Yesterday, we posted information on how reliant moms are on their smart phones. In fact, moms are more than 2.5 times more likely to say that smart phones are their primary device. Well we all know moms are masters of multitasking, new research also show thay are masters of multi-platform.

shutterstock_80658865 copy● 76% of moms are online and watch TV at the same time, 60% do it on a daily basis
● Nearly 30% of moms use their smartphones at the same time they are TV all the time
● 16% of moms are on their iPad all the time while watching TV
● More than a third of moms are on their smart phone and 31% are on their iPad often while watching TV
● 28% are on their smartphones and 29% are on iPads sometimes while viewing
● Overall, 89% of moms who own smartphones use the devices while watching TV, 86% of moms who have iPads use them while watching

What Does This Mean To You?

Moms multitasking activities give you the opportunity to supplement the impact of your TV and online buys. The use of mobile devices allows you to increase engagement and relevance with any target audience. To get the full benefit, you’ll need to monitor social media and respond quickly. You need to be able to react to people posting things about your commercials or tweeting about them. This also means you will have to ensure your SEO programs are up to task. The last thing you want is for a consumer to see your add and to search for more information and not be able to easily find you.
I recently heard a great quote – Where’s the best place to hide a dead body?
On the second page of a google search balance,
For more information on creating lasting connections with potential
customers, please contact:


Sources: eMarketer; BabyCenter


Moms are Mobile!

Today’s moms are busier than ever. Mobile devices offer the conveniences and time savings to make their hectic schedules run like clockwork and give them some distraction from the daily grind. A recent survey shows just how moms are using smartphones to communicate, get information and relax on a daily basis.

moms● 90% of moms text at least once a day
● Nearly 80% access social media via smart phone
●42% play games and 32% watch videos on smartphones everyday
● Nearly 30% visit online parent communities and use instant messaging functions
● Roughly 20% of parenting information or health information
● 16% shop on their smartphones once a day

What Does This Mean To You?

Moms are usually the keepers of the family budget. Influencing them can lead to a loyal customer base. Moms reliance on mobile devices give you the ability to create multiple lines of communication. Creating a loyalty program will help you to monetize those communication lines. There is a good bit of research showing how moms tend to rely on the opinions of other moms. Using your social media assets to gather positive product recommendation about your business can help you gain favor with moms. Also look for relevant content to provide an attraction point. Developing content can help move you past being another company trying to sell them something and turn you into a trusted information source. For more information on developing new audiences, please contact:


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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

From your friends at Research That Delivers Results

Socially Engaged Millennial Moms

Yesterday, we looked at how moms, particularly millennial Moms, are rely more on their mobile devices. Today, we’ll continue to celebrate moms by looking into the social activity of millennial moms.

1397150290000-kidstablets● Nearly 85% of millennial moms are on Facebook – that’s 15% higher than the general population
● Millennial moms also spend 24% more time on social networking sites
● More than 70% of moms use social networking sites for brand and product information
● 61% of moms say that social media helps them easily find the information
they need
● 92% of millennial Moms say they share family milestones through social media
● Nearly 60% of Moms have purchased an item because of another Moms recommendation on a social network
● 59% have bought something because a friend “liked” the product or brand on a social network

What This Means To You

Posts from a friend are 16% more influential to millennial Moms than posts from a brand, that’s pretty good.
But this is even better – Posts from another Mom are 44% more influential than posts from a brand. In yesterday’s post we layed out how much potential revenue can come from the mom market. The ability to maximize your share of the Mommy spend starts with you getting testimonials from them. Your voice alone will never have the same power as another Mom. Look for ways to organically create positive mentions from Moms. You can start by asking for them to like you on Facebook. If they do, Thank them. Start a conversation, Ask for their recommendation. Offering a discount to those who provide great testimonials is also something to investigate. Another idea to pursue would be asking permission to use these testimonials in your marketing. Not just digitally, but across all marketing platforms. This could be especially powerful with direct, targeted campaigns like direct mail, email and SMS. For more information on holistically increasing your customer base, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: MediaPost; BabyCenter

Moms Moving More Mobile

Just because Mom’s are becoming more mobile-ly engaged doesn’t mean
you can your Mom a text message instead of a Mother’s Day Card. In fact,
if you are just thinking about the card now, you’re going to have to priority mail something or shell out the cash for flowers or one of those edible arraignments. As an Ode to Moms everywhere, today’s post will feature new research on the Mom market and some of their mobile activities. But true to my own words, I already sent the card.

moms● On average, there are 4 million babies born in the US every year. Average spending on a new baby is roughly $10,000 – $12,000
● Women raising young children made up over 20% of the total population
● Over 85% of Moms or Moms-to-be own smartphones
● Smartphone ownership among Moms has increased by 34% in the past 2 years
● 90% of millennial Moms have texted a photo of something they intent to buy to get someone else’s opinion
● Nearly 60% of Moms have used their phone to find store hours and locations
● 55% of Moms have used their mobile devices for social media activities
● 44% of millennial Moms made a purchase on their smartphone in the past week

What This Means To You

Mommy = Money.
The annual spending power of Moms is estimated at $2 trillion.
That doesn’t count the amount of influence Moms have on other purchases.
With that much discretionary spending, retailers should throw Mom’s a second holiday as a thank you. Virtually every business can benefit from the extra attention of Mothers.
Things like a loyalty program specifically for moms could prove very lucrative. Moms tend to share and are influenced by the opinions of other moms. This makes mobile and social very important in creating a loyal mom customer base. Tomorrow we’ll look at the effect of social media on moms. For more information on finding new opportunities with target audiences, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: MediaPost; BabyCenter

What Social Moms Share

Yesterday, we featured a post on the types of online content moms share and consume. In today’s post, we will examine the most popular platforms that moms use to socially share content. The differences in platforms definitely influence the types of content that gets shared and the devices they use.

momcommunityimage-copy• Just how influential are moms?
○ On average, shared content will generate 8.75 clicks
○ Content shared by generates an average of 9.5 clicks

• The top platform for sharing content is Facebook but Moms are not as reliant on it as the general public
○ 56% of people share content through Facebook
○ Moms share 34% of their content through Facebook

• Moms are also less likely to share via Twitter
○ 10% of the general public share content through Twitter
○ 9% of moms content gets shared through Twitter

• Moms are much more likely to share through Pinterest
○ Nearly 30% of content shared by moms goes through Pinterest
○ Overall, just 12% of all shared content is shared through Pinterest

• Moms are also more likely to share through StumbleUpon
○ 14% of content from moms goes through StumbleUpon
○ Just 5% of all content goes through that portal

What Does This Mean To You?

Getting moms to share your content is a great way to develop awareness.
Don’t limit yourself to either reposting parenting content on your site or marketing your business in parenting content. Because moms are often the keepers of the family checkbook, they are always on the lookout for ways to save money. Creating offers that will appeal to moms will help you get shared. It’s not always a monetary savings that will catch their eye. Look for offers that will help them save time or will give you added value. Believe it or not, the holidays are literally just around the corner – Thanksgiving is now less than 120 days away and it falls late this year. That means busy moms will be even busier.
There are probably many things your business can do to make holiday shopping easier. Special shopping hours tied to a loyalty club and free shipping save both time and money for moms. For more information on creating valuable offers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; ShareThis

What Social Moms Share

Last week, we posted information on how moms use mobile devices in the shopping process.  Today, we’ll look at new information on the social activity that moms engage in and the content they share.
Because moms are so active on social networks, they can be a powerful force in helping you create engagement.

•Moms age 25-54 are 3x more likely than the general public to share content

• The top 5 content types that moms share are:

 Mom_Using_Facebook1  ○ Parenting topics – 18%

   ○ TV & Movies – 15%

   ○ Technology – 10%

   ○ Health – 6%

   ○ Politics – 6%

• The top 5 content types that moms consume:

   ○ Movies & TV – 22%

   ○ Casual & online games – 10%

   ○ Parenting – 9%

   ○ Music – 8%

   ○ Sports – 6%

What Does This Mean To You?

Because of the huge influence that moms have over the opinions of other moms, the types of content that they share is very important.  So if you are looking to create engagement with moms, parenting would be naturally a place to start.  But entertainment content should not be forgotten.  Not only do they consumer this type on content but they share it as well.  Casual and online game is a great place to reach moms and while they may not share scores and outcomes like they have in the past, it does take up 10% of what they do online.  One of the biggest benefits to social marketing is the ability to find, influence and leverage groups based on their activities and content.  We’ve talked about dedicating space to highlighting content on your own web presences to build engagement.  You should also take the time to letting people know you have this content through social means.  Tweet out to your followers and customers about something great that may be on your site.  When you get a tweet linking you to something interesting or informing you believe your customers would enjoy – instead of just re-tweeting it, think about contacting the content provider and asking them if you can put the information on your site and then tweet it out linking to your page (please ask first and make sure you give the proper credit where the credit is due). The more you can tie yourself to the content that your targets want, it increases your value to them.  For more information on developing target audiences, please contact:

Source: eMarketer; ShareThis