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Why Do People Download an App?

Yesterday, we posted an article on how consumers find out about apps they have recently downloaded. Today, we’ll go over information that will help you with the next step in your mobile strategy, Why people down an app.

download● 33% of people downloaded because the app was recommended by others
● 31% thought the app sounded interesting or fun
● 24% downloaded because of familiarity with the company or brand
● 18% said access to exclusive rewards or discounts through the app was the reason
to download

What Does This Mean To You?

Your social reputation and social strategy is very important to whether your app gets downloaded or not. Hopefully you are utilizing social recommendations, likes and positive reviews to promote your business. The same tactics you use to garner those can be used to collect recommendations for a mobile solution. Start with your loyalty program. Offer some of your most loyal customers special incentives to try the app . Get their feedback and use positive feedback as promotional material. The negative feedback is good too. Use it as a measuring stick for things you may want to alter before releasing it to everyone.
Make sure your description of the app is not to dry. Remember that description is a selling piece. Create an offer that is worth using. A bad offer is worse than no offer at all.  For more information in creating action with existing customers, please contact:


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Trusted Forms Of Advertising

Consumers tend to connect with and engage with brands they trust. Where you market your company can have a big effect on how consumers view your business. If shoppers don’t trust the products you advertise in, how likely are they to trust your brand? New research looks at the types of media advertising that have earned the most trust with consumers.

• The most trusted form of advertising are recommendations from people you know – over 90% of consumers trust personal recommendations

• 47% trust magazine and TV ads, radio comes in with 46% and just over 40% trust billboard advertising

• Over 25% of shoppers trust ads they are delivered through search engines, one-third trust ads through social networks or video ads and roughly three in 10 trust online banner ads

• Over one in four consumers trust display ads on mobile devices and text ads on mobile phones

What Does This Mean To You?

While personal recommendations may not always be considered a form of advertising, it is one of the most influential factors in consumer purchases.  Think of your own situation.  If a friend recommends a restaurant, aren’t you more likely to try it as well?  Or if someone you know pans a movie, how likely are you to buy a ticket?  You can tell everyone how great you are, but it will never have the influence as a recommendation from a friend.  This is one of the reasons that testimonials and reputation management are so important.
This is where you can leverage the voice of your loyal customers.  Use your customers in testimonials; reward them for “liking” your business and recommending you through social media, incorporate them in pictures or video interacting with you and your products.  The more love you show these brand evangelists, the more likely they are to sing your praises.
Reputation management will help keep your image positive across many digital platforms.  You need to be vigilant in watching your social media presences.  If there are unanswered questions or problem posted about your business, customers are likely to not buy from those companies.  Basically, negative comments about your business or your products are likely to gift wrap sales to your competition.  For more information on creating loyal, long term customers, please contact:
Al Fiala

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