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Social Media Continues to Grow

Social networking has rapidly become a staple activity in consumers daily live.
While the growth rate of social networks maybe flatting out, it’s because people are abandoning the platforms, it’s because social networking might be reaching the point of diminishing returns.

social-media● Currently, there are over 180 million social networkers in the U.S – that’s nearly 70% of consumers
● Over the past 2 years, the number of social media users grew by 9%
● By 2019, its estimated there will be over 200 million social networks
● While there are more Caucasian social networkers (113 million / 72.5%).
Those of Hispanic origins make up a higher percentage of users (32 million / 76.6%).

What Does This Mean To You?

If social media is not part of your marketing strategy, you are not only leaving potential sales – you are likely helping your competitors create a loyal customer base. Think of social media as a holistic media – not a one shot sales message. Your social presences should be an engagement point, a conduit for you to connect with potential customers.
The first step in creating a loyal audience is developing content your targets would be interested in.
The next thing you need to do is interact with those who comment on your content. Social media is a conversation. By communicating back with commenters, you build engagement.
If the comments are negative, don’t ignore them. But don’t get into a war. You won’t win it, you won’t be teaching people a lesson. Take criticism constructively and you might actually win customers out of it. Positive feedback is should be nurtured. They are a tool to grow business. . For more information on how to use social media to create more opportunities, please contact:


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Moms are Mobile!

Today’s moms are busier than ever. Mobile devices offer the conveniences and time savings to make their hectic schedules run like clockwork and give them some distraction from the daily grind. A recent survey shows just how moms are using smartphones to communicate, get information and relax on a daily basis.

moms● 90% of moms text at least once a day
● Nearly 80% access social media via smart phone
●42% play games and 32% watch videos on smartphones everyday
● Nearly 30% visit online parent communities and use instant messaging functions
● Roughly 20% of parenting information or health information
● 16% shop on their smartphones once a day

What Does This Mean To You?

Moms are usually the keepers of the family budget. Influencing them can lead to a loyal customer base. Moms reliance on mobile devices give you the ability to create multiple lines of communication. Creating a loyalty program will help you to monetize those communication lines. There is a good bit of research showing how moms tend to rely on the opinions of other moms. Using your social media assets to gather positive product recommendation about your business can help you gain favor with moms. Also look for relevant content to provide an attraction point. Developing content can help move you past being another company trying to sell them something and turn you into a trusted information source. For more information on developing new audiences, please contact:


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Why Do People Download an App?

Yesterday, we posted an article on how consumers find out about apps they have recently downloaded. Today, we’ll go over information that will help you with the next step in your mobile strategy, Why people down an app.

download● 33% of people downloaded because the app was recommended by others
● 31% thought the app sounded interesting or fun
● 24% downloaded because of familiarity with the company or brand
● 18% said access to exclusive rewards or discounts through the app was the reason
to download

What Does This Mean To You?

Your social reputation and social strategy is very important to whether your app gets downloaded or not. Hopefully you are utilizing social recommendations, likes and positive reviews to promote your business. The same tactics you use to garner those can be used to collect recommendations for a mobile solution. Start with your loyalty program. Offer some of your most loyal customers special incentives to try the app . Get their feedback and use positive feedback as promotional material. The negative feedback is good too. Use it as a measuring stick for things you may want to alter before releasing it to everyone.
Make sure your description of the app is not to dry. Remember that description is a selling piece. Create an offer that is worth using. A bad offer is worse than no offer at all.  For more information in creating action with existing customers, please contact:


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How Much Influence Will Technology Have on Holiday Shopping?

We are going to continue or look at this year’s holiday season.
Today, we’ll take a deeper dive into how big an influence technology
will have on shopping. Four Holiday seasons ago, mobile started changing
the way consumers discover, research, locate and purchase goods and services. Beacons and mobile point of sale payment are continuing the evolution of digital commerce. New research shows us how much consumers will be using technology this Winter holiday season.

images34● 67% holiday shoppers own smart phones and 50% own tablets. 72% of smart phone owners and 69% of tablet owners will use their devices during the holiday shopping process
● 75% of shoppers will use social media sites in the holiday shopping process
● 28% will consult online reviews, 20% will contribute to review sites and 11% will share holiday shopping experiences through social media
● 23% will use a smart phone to find local businesses and obtain directions to stores

What This Means To You
Technology and digital devices are a big part of consumer’s lives. Your customers and most likely shoppers are using smart phones and tablets to find places to find the goods and services they need and let others know about their experiences.  Long past are the days when companies needed to be mobile friendly or mobile optimized.  Today, you should be working towards being mobile first. Why? More and more consumers are becoming mobile only. These potential customers only use smart phones and tablets – not desktops. If you are not providing these customers with the mobile experiences they want, they will likely turn to your competitors.
Many of the tasks consumers once used their desktops/laptops for, they now rely on mobile devices for. Social media, email and web surfing are just three of them. Each of these offer you ways of recruiting new customers and reinforcing loyalty among existing ones. But, if you are not fully engaged with mobile technologies, you are likely losing opportunities and sales. For more information on how to create better customer relationships and increase store traffic through mobile, please contact:


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What Influences College Spending

Yesterday, we posted information on the spending behaviors of college students. Today we’ll look at what influences that spending behavior. The more you can do to connect with those influencing factors, the more likely you will benefit from increased spending.

flying-money• Nearly 60% of college students say that recommendations from their friends are very influential in what and where they spend
• 55% of students say that online coupons are highly influential and 45% say the same as mobile coupons
• Nearly 40% say that product review sites are very influential in their spending patterns
• 34% say the ability try or test driving products before buying influences them to purchase
• Over 30% say that general word-of-mouth or buzz is very influential in what they buy

What Does This Mean To You?

Because the opinions of friends are so import, there are two things that should be investigated.
Loyalty programs and testimonials. Students, like all consumers will share great offers. Also, college students want to be considered influencers. When you get a student involved in a loyalty program, it gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with them. Whether it’s email, text or even direct mail, students can easily forward or pass along a great offer. Great offer being key to the amount of sharing that will happen. Testimonials are also important. College students will identify with other college students. If you reward your customers for endorsing your products, you will see an increase in endorsements and great word of mouth. You need to promote these endorsements as well. If you get a positive post, tweet or email don’t forget to say thank you.
It’s also evident that students like coupons and mobile should be an important piece of your coupon strategy. Mobile messaging can give you a competitive advantage because students are so highly reliant on their mobile devices.
It’s also time to investigate both beacon technology and mobile payment
options. Beacons and the “Internet of Things” will have a growing importance this holiday season. The more you know now, will ensure you are not
playing catch-up later. For more information on leveraging existing
audiences, please contact:

Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Fluent

Top Mobile Activities

Consumers are living in a mobile first world. More than one adults sleep with their smart phone. Nearly 75% of adults said the first thing they do in the morning is check their phones. Your customer’s dependence on mobile devices gives you many opportunities to engage them. Knowing what mobile activities they use most can help you device the most effective messaging tactics to your organization.
shutterstock_86181751● Text messaging is the top smart phone activity, 86% of smart phone owners send and receive text/SMS messages
● Just over 80% use their smartphone to check email
● Nearly two-thirds use their smart phones for social networking
● Roughly 60% use GPS functions, pre-installed apps and games
● More than half use their smart phones for search functions, google maps and to listen to music
● Just under check their calendar on their phone or use it to get news and information
● 27% use chat or instant message services and 25% access Internet/VOIP services and check finances
● Approximately one in five users access paid apps, use voice recognition services (ex. Siri) or cloud services
● Other mobile tasks consumers use are organizer functions, reading books, watching movies and listening to podcasts

What This Means To You

Just 1% of consumers use their smart phone for only making calls. Mobile devices really are true personal connection devices.
What are you doing to have these consumer’s connect with you?
Text / SMS messaging and email can be an important piece of any loyalty program. But the message you send must have value and be relevant. The more targeted your message, the more relevant consumers will find them.
Weather apps aren’t just for people selling umbrellas. Unless your customer base lives in San Diego or Honolulu (ie: a place where the weather generally never changes), weather can have a big impact on prospective customers lives. Weather apps can give you a great audience for almost any product you are trying to market.
Like email, social media has become a mobile first function. Consumers aren’t just checking to see what their friends are up to, they are looking at the social presences of businesses they might shop at, what their friends and online peers may say about those businesses and expert reviews of companies.
This is one of the reasons a sound reputation management plan is important.
Mobile search is also very important. Mobile search leads to results for local businesses.
If you don’t have a robust search strategy, you could be giving business to a competitor.
These are just a few ways that mobile functionality can improve your businesses bottom line.   But as quickly as mobile has consolidated functions from many devices into just one (or two), changes are coming. The “internet of things” and connected devices are going to create even more uses for mobile devices. For more information on how you can better prepare your business for the next wave in mobile innovation, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: Citrix; Motorola; B2X Care Solutions

Who Influences Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers remain an incredibly powerful segment of consumers. This group is in a period of transition and the disruptions they are facing means that what they spend their money on and the sources that influence them are likely to see great change. New research report is out that looks into what sources Baby Boomers trust for product research before making a purchase.

baby-boomer-magnet● Seven in 10 Baby Boomers put their trust in the opinions of friends and family
● 56% rely on consumer web sites and publications
● 16% are influenced by social media content
● 14% trust blog postings

What This Means To You

Most consumers do not rely on one source of information before making a purchase. In fact, there are multiple factors that go into the opinions of those who we trust for information. It’s important to look at influence as a holistic sense. This is especially true when looking at friends and family as a source of information. Who influenced them in a way that they either have a positive or negative opinion about a product or service? This is just one of the reasons you need to have a strategy when it comes to your marketing efforts and they have to work together. Conflicting messages can lead to confused influencers. It’s also important to have a diffused method of marketing. Using just one platform or media type will not give you the audience you need to compete in a very fractured marketplace. It will also not give you the buzz to stay top of mind
with influencers. For more information on keeping your brand top of mind, please contact:

Al Fiala

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